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Linux.kz offers you your own alias in the format (foobar).linux.kz that redirects to your real homepage or direct to an IP nr. Fill out the form below, then it takes about 2-3days before it works. The whole thing is a forward, it only works with this computer running (I'm running a bbs on it so its running about 98% of the year), and that the visitors browser supports HTML v3.2 i think.

Remember , If it works it's great . If it doesn't, thats bad, But I'm doing this for free so don't blame me for anything, late updates and so on. Just enjoy when it works and don't complain if this thing don't work for a few days.

Two things that you MUST do:
  • You must link back to www.linux.kz from your site, and please use the banner made by Björn Hagström.
  • The page that you whant the link to must be a LINUX page.

Remember: Your hostname.linux.kz will NOT function until you have done that!
Tobias Ander
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